1. About us

    Lycee Corp, effectively integrate technology in education. This is an exciting opportunity that requires thoughtful blending of infrastructure, access to knowledge, and empowerment of students, educators, schools, and communities.

    Integrating technology in education requires a complex balance between the best of traditional education and new insights about how people learn. We use technology to promote and enrich, collaboration and communication between the stakeholders of education, and to enable new levels of learning in the classroom and for life.

  2. Our Vision

    "In today’s world where knowledge is the greatest asset, the benefits of the information-rich, technology-enhanced, Connected Learning environment must be extended to empower students, teachers, parents, schools and entire communities to learn without limits."

  3. Our Mission

    "21st CENTURY requires the redefining of education methodology; the brick and mortar infrastructure of the past must give way to the technology enriched infrastructure in the future, learning must be from any place and on any device."

  4. Lycee encompasses

    All aspects of education management, broadly covering the following areas:
    • Campus Management
    • Connected Learning & Collaboration
    • e-Governance
    • Dash Boards
    • Mobile Apps

    Lycee is a Connected Learning Community Solution. Its capability goes beyond the day to day operation of the education institution, as it facilitates effective communication between the students, parents, teachers, other schools, and the community. This is possible through a rich and productive user experience.

    Campus Management

    Lycee, is an integrated education ERP solution, which is devised to address the administrative needs of any educational institution. The features are as follows: Information Repository, Scholastic & Co-Scholastic evaluations; Fee, Admissions, Staff Room, Payroll; Finance, Time Table, Question Papers, Library; Inventory, Infirmary etc.,
    Lycee ERP Solution could be deployed on premise or on cloud. It has a Rich User Interface that could be used on multiple devices, which allows the ease of use even among users with no previous experience on computers. It could be implemented in K12 Schools, Collages & Universities.

    Collaboration & Learning

    www.mylycee.com is a portal through which the information stored inside the educational institution can be easily made available to parents and other stakeholders. It offers a consolidated view of the student’s performance and effectively communicates the teacher’s feedback to the parent. It has a secure payment gateway that can connect to a banking institution, parents can safely and speedily make fee payments online.
    Features: Notice Boards, Alerts, Academic Calendar, Events, Performance, Assignments, Fee Payment , Question Paper, Time Table, Admission ,Library, Payroll, Online Purchases, Health Management, Alumni, e-Com etc.,
    Users: K12 Schools, Colleges, Universities and Homes


    This feature is a hosted solution, Boards’ of Management, Government, Examination Boards and Universities can use this facility to manage a group of educational institutions. Using this feature the governing bodies get the insight on the performance of students &faculty, can manage infrastructure, day to day working and finance remotely. The institution can be governed from anyplace and on any device.

    Dash Boards

    Admin Dash Board: This feature is installed on premise or on cloud, it gives a single window overview of the organization,. Principal/Administrator can monitor the progress of the institution by using this facility.
    e-Books, e-Library, Students Console & Teachers Console enhances the teaching and learning in the school. These consoles add to extra dimension to the efficiency of the educational institution.

    Mobile Apps

    Collaboration App: takes the Parent & School collaboration to the next level.Parents can view e-Circulars viz., alerts/notices/events etc., and collaborate with the school from anyplace anytime and from any device.
    e-FeeApp: The biggest pain area for the parent is to pay the fees. With this facility, the payment of fees is very easy.
    Admission App:Brings a lot of value to the parent and student community who are looking for change of schools and applying for admission.

    Value Added Services

    We offer Hosted Solutions and on-Mobile VAS services such as:
    • e-Fee Hosted Fee Payment Solution
    • Collaboration Mobile App
    • Fee payment Mobile App
    • SMS services
    • ID Card printing services on cloud

  5. Offerings

    • Buyout
    Lycee ERP and Dash Boards are sold as licenses and could be installed on premise or on private cloud.
    • Pay-Per-Use
    Lycee ERP is also offered as a service.The user can choose from Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS), Platform As A Service (PAAS) and Software As A Service (SAAS). Depending on the client choice the services are billed on pay-per-use bases.
    • Subscription
    MyLycee Portal is offered as a hosted Solution, it is broadly divided into five sections – Knowledge, Information, Entertainment, e-Commerce and e-Governance, the usage is charged on subscription bases.
    • Hybrid Solutions
    The educational institution can opt for Lycee ERP as buyout or as SAAS model, and can use MyLycee portal services and Mobile Apps on a subscription bases.

    E: ping@lyceecorp.com